Instructions and how to apply wall decals


How to apply a larger wall quote decal:

The best approach is to start at the top of the decal. You will have a sheet with the words' and a separate white sheet that is the 'Transfer sheet.

Lay the words' sheet flat on the table. Now slowly peel back the transfer sheet -  working your way down the words' sheet - apply the transfer sheet over the top of the 'words' sheet.

Once you have covered the whole sheet with the transfer sheet, press down firmly. Using a squeegee or something similar.

The next step is to now peel back the transfer sheet, so the words' have now transferred over to the transfer sheet. You may need to guide some words on and off the transfers sheet.

Now apply the transfer sheet to the wall and press down firmly -  making sure you have marked out where you would like this to go.

Peel back the transfer sheet so only the words are left on the wall, again you may need to guide some of the  letters on and off the transfer sheet.

Alternatively: It can also be an idea to cut bigger decals into lines (e.g House Rules, Playroom Rules) and apply 1 line at a time. Instead of trying to attempt it all in one go. You will also need to cut the transfer sheet the same size and apply.

For Smaller Quote decals:

For smaller wall quotes 'cut around each word' - cut the transfer sheet the same size. Follow the steps above until you have your wall quote on the wall.

Keep in mind that the transfer sheet is reusable and can be used several times over.

Kids Wall designs and Peel & Stick designs

Peel and Stick decals are very easy to apply and take no effort at all. These  will generally have a picture diagram to follow if there a lot of pieces to it e.g. Tree with a lot of leaves.

Other things to remember:

Make sure your wall is free of dust and has been wiped over and allow time for your cleaned wall to dry.

IMPORTANT: If you have recently painted your wall you will need to wait a minimum of 6-8 weeks before applying your decal as your paint requires time to cure. If you try and apply your decal before this time it may not adhere and will just peel away over time.

These are not recommended for textured or rough surfaces or paints that are wash and wear, suede or have a silicone base.

The transfer sheet is not always the same size as the decal. The transfer sheet is reusable and can be used several times over. It is merely a guide to get the words' on the wall perfectly straight.

If you are applying a decal to the wall for the first time - you will need to take your time, putting decals on the wall can be time consuming for first time users.

We love to see your wall art, so please send us in a photo via Facebook or email.


Most of our decals are made onsite here in Melbourne, so in most cases the transfer / contact sheet has already been applied to your wall art.